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Lingshou County Xinfa Mineral Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of varieties of super-fine mica powder, vermiculite (expanded and unexpanded), quartz, rock chip as well as colored sintered girt, with the annual production capacity being more than 25, 000 tons.

Lingshou County Xinfa Mineral Co., Ltd, established in April, 2002, was initially located at the North of Xin Village, Zhengnan Road, Lingshou County, Hebei, China. In 2005, to keep pace with the development and meet the market demands, our company was rebuilt and expanded in Lujiawa Industrial District with 40 acres land. At present, our company covers an area of about 30, 000 m2, with the construction area taking up over 10, 000 m2, office building 1, 200 m2, two workers’ dormitory more than 900 m2 and green belts around the factory being over 6, 000 m2. Currently, there are 68 employees in our company, including 6 junior technicians, 3 intermediate technicians, 3 senior technicians and 11 sales representatives.

Quality Control and Assurance

With the help of high-tech equipments, such as advanced Laser Particle Distribution Meter, Whiteness Meter, High-Precision Electronic Balance, Vibrating Sieve, High-Temperature Furnace, Drying Box, Agitator, PH Measurer, Suction Sieve, the American Bulk Density Measurer, Portable Electronic Balance, Micro-mill as well as over 200 sets of Standard Sieves, etc., we have successfully passed many tests and our high-quality products are enjoying a high reputation.

Besides being a member of China Frication & Sealing Material Association, we have also been audited and certified by many authoritative groups, such as the “ENTERPRISE OF OBSERVING CONTRACT & KEEPING PROMISE" by Hebei Administration of Industry & Commerce in 2003, the “TRUSTWORTHY ENTERPRISE OF QUALITY & QUANTITY” by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Lingshou County in 2005 and the “ISO 9001: 2000” certificate in 2009.

Advanced Equipment & Vast Production Capacity

There are 13 workshops, 3 forklifts, 1 freight car and more than 100 sets of other major production equipments. The total production capacity for each kind of product has reached 25,000 tons per year with a 100% passing rate on product inspection. 

The thirteen Workshops are:

6 super-fine grinding workshops with 36 sets of super-fine grinding processing equipments and 1 forklift;

1 wet ground processing workshop with 2 mills and 5 grading equipments;

1 mica scrap processing workshop with a complete system of comminuting, sieve grading and ventilating to remove sand;

1 vermiculite processing workshop with 1 comminuting equipment, 1 breaking equipment, 2 sets of large-scale grading sieves, 1 small electronic wagon balance, 1 forklift and 1 fork truck;

1 high-tech super-fine grinding and grading workshop with 1 large super-fine comminuting equipment and 1 imported grading equipment;

1 quartz sand workshop with a set of medium-sized vibrating sieving machine;

1 filling workshop with respectively one mixing machine, fuse machine and grading sieve;

1 colored sintered quartz grit workshop with equipments including grinding machine, vibrating sieve, fuse machine, dyeing machine, sintering furnace, cooling tower, filling machine, etc.

We are a professional manufacturer of kinds of mica, vermiculite and quartz products as on the one hand we are blessed with abundant natural resources and on the other hand we have been devoted to be one of the best in this industry for years. Since the establishement, we have been attaching great importance to the R & D of mineral products and have provided ideal pilot products for over 100 research institutions, while we also accumulated lots of applied theoretical knowledge in return, which helped us greatly in supplying customers with first-rate products and services, vitalizing our core enterprise spirit “To Survive by Integrity and to Develop by Innovation”. Thanks to the support of all our customers and efforts of all our staff, our mica powder products, branded “發”, now have been quite popular in more than 20 provinces inside China and many nations and regions outside China, including countries from European Union, South America and South East Asia.

Heibei Xinfa Mineral Co., Ltd